WEGNER general contractor

Beginning. A construction project is like a movie script – everything starts with it; for good, or for bad. The specialists of WEGNER will make your construction scenario not only impressive, but above all – effective.

A good design is the base; the “foundation” which is created even before pouring the physical foundations. To prepare it properly, the analysis of many aspects is necessary – financial and technical aspects, environmental conditions… Not only aesthetics and composition with the existing infrastructure in the area is important. In the case of city centers, the use of space and the pursuit of global architectural trends are crucial. The manner of performance and economic considerations are equally important. Therefore, we design modern and ergonomic facilities; those that will be inexpensive to use for many years.

Advantages of cooperation with WEGNER in real estate design:
– own design team; professionals in all industries,
– precise analysis and response to customer needs, the object and real estate development plans,
– technological consulting, including optimization of construction and operation costs,
– formal and legal support in obtaining a building permit,
– preparation of the executive design in close cooperation with the investor,
– optimization of the processes taking place in the enterprises,
– extensive cooperation; from the implementation of the project, by coordinating the implementation, to the execution of the as-built documentation.

WEGNER always ensures that our projects are functional, unique and every day attracting the eyes of passersby. Our design team is at your disposal at every stage of creating your investment plans. Not only the professional knowledge, on which we are based, is important for us, but also the good atmosphere of cooperation. We take care of your trust, so not only we give you control over the process, but we also approach it flexibly. Important: we always consult ideas and plans with the wishes and capabilities of investors.

WEGNER prepares projects including:
– industrial and manufacturing facilities,
– commercial buildings,
– public buildings,
– office buildings,
– schools,
– warehouses and industrial halls,
– sports facilities,
– transport bases,
– special purpose facilities.