WEGNER general contractor

Day by day. In addition to the proverbial “death and taxes”, there is something else in everyday life that is for sure – after some time everything is worn out or spoiled. The use of real estate inevitably leads to its servicing, which WEGNER can take care of in a cost-effective way.

The quality of own objects, for rent or for public use, must remain at a very high level; both in a technical and aesthetic aspect. We ensure that users constantly enjoy the functionality and appearance of the objects entrusted to our administration. And at the same time – that they are simply safe, thanks to regular technical condition checks, maintenance and repair works conducted on an ongoing basis.

Advantages of cooperation with WEGNER:
– full service support of buildings
– maintaining quality standards while optimizing maintenance costs
– prompt implementation of emergency repairs
– constant control combined with a regular repair plan
– investments increasing the value of real estate synchronized with the repair plans

Specializing in large-surface objects, we have a staff and machinery park that allow for a quick start and even quicker service performance. We take care of the repairs of buildings, their periodical technical review and the current supervision of the technical condition of buildings.
Thanks to constant cooperation with WEGNER, you are assured that the object will be invariably safe and ready for use. However, if there is a sudden need to renovate an object that is not serviced by us – we also invite you to contact us. We will efficiently and quickly enhance the technical condition of the building, restoring it to its original usability.

The offer of WEGNER in the context of the object service:
– reinforcement of structural components, including supporting structures of buildings
– acoustic and thermal insulation
– waterproofing and anti-damp insulation
– permanent technical support; removing defects
– modernization and expansion of objects
– optimization of solutions