WEGNER general contractor

For us, our own machine park means the speed – the “speed” of running complex construction projects. For our customers it means certainty. “Certainty” that when renting machines from PKOB WEGNER, they get systematically serviced, well maintained state-of-the-art construction equipment for their use.

On a daily basis, we use our own machine park to execute construction contracts, in which we act as the general contractor. However, we also provide rental services of specialized construction equipment. This is a win-win principle. The constant access to our own equipment gives us a sense of security and independence. Companies that rent our equipment from us can be sure that it is not equipment that “gets rusty in the garage”, but one that is well maintained and systematically serviced.

Advantages of cooperation with PKOB WEGNER:
– state-of-the-art machine park
– reliable machine condition
– access to specialized machines with a lifting capacity of up to 35 tons
– knowledge-based consulting and support resulting from 25 years of industry experience

We offer a very wide range of hardware services and rental of specialized construction equipment. We implement projects of very large scale and complexity, so our machine park must meet the most stringent requirements of the construction industry. Thanks to the fact that we use our own equipment resources, we can implement investment tasks faster than the competition. But for the same reason, we have a park the capacity of which allows us to rent machines to other companies; on a purely commercial basis.

The offer of PKOB WEGNER includes rental of construction equipment:
– Telescopic loader, rotary 360° with a reach of 21m and a lifting capacity of 50t
– Telescopic backhoe loader with a reach of 5.1m and a capacity of 2.5t
– CASE backhoe loader
– Loaders up to 25t
– Telescopic loaders 1740 Manitou
– Wheel excavator Doosan DX 190W with equipment
– Hydraulically operated LIEBHERR LTM 1035 crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 35t
– Demolition hammers and other smaller construction equipment
– HDS transport with trailer (with lifting capacity up to 5.8t)
– Low-floor transport (up to 24 tons)
– Log transport (12 m long)
– Transport with U-shaped semi-trailers (up to 25 tons capacity)
– Lifting services up to 50 tons
– Services with telescopic loaders e.g.:
MANITOU 2150 telescopic loader, rotary 360°, with a reach of 21m and a capacity of 5t (basket, pitchforks, concrete feeder, cranes, bucket)
MANITOU 1740 telescopic loader, with a reach of 17 m and a capacity of 4t (basket, pitchforks, bucket, cranes)
– Excavator services:
Backhoe loaders, wheel excavators
– Demolition