WEGNER general contractor

Prefabrication – quality, durability, diversity

Many years of experience and implementation of modern technologies allowed Wegner not only to complete hundreds of projects, but also to offer comprehensive services with the use of modern prefabrication.Progress in the field of prefabrication is linked both to the implementation of new production technologies and to new solutions and applications of prefabricated elements that are technically and economically appealing. This translates into increased investment in the housing, office and public buildings sectors. Such solutions are chosen mainly due to these significant factors:

  • high quality components
  • short investment cycle
  • production and performance of works independent of weather conditions
  • high fire resistance
  • more efficient organisation of the construction site
  • the ability to create the bodies of individual buildings with varied qualities and functional programmes

Prefabrication for the construction of residential and utility buildings is fully reflected in our offer, through which we are able to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Comprehensive service in the field of prefabricated elements – from design, through execution, to transport and assembly of prefabricated elements tailored to the individual needs of a given investment.


The concept of prefabricated elements begins as soon as a professional project is completed. Wegner operates its own design department which is able to meet the growing expectations of customers and thus ensure the manufacture of prefabricated elements tailored to any type of construction project.


Wegner’s team of experts comprises qualified engineers with many years of experience in the industry. Our extensive experience allows us to introduce solutions that ensure the highest quality and modality of products according to customers’ expectations. We choose solutions by introducing the use of modularization of structures and, to some extent, also typification, which should be understood as the unification and simplification of the form of a structure, whether industrial, engineering or residential, so that clients deciding on our applications have absolute certainty that the designed and manufactured elements will be made with the highest attention to quality and durability, and will additionally be refined even in their smallest details.


Wegner, through its own fleet and machinery, is able to offer not only design and production, but also transport services. The company has been developing its hardware base for many years to provide services at the highest possible level. Transport of large-size components which exceed standard transport dimensions is organised by our logistics department. Wegner is able to secure the delivery of prefabricated products, starting from loading and transport, all the way to unloading and assembly of prefabricated elements.


During the construction of prefabricated structures, due to high speed of implementation, particular attention should be paid to the stability of the elements and structures in the assembly phase. Delivery schedules of prefabricated elements are prepared with care by our experts and enable efficient and comprehensive assembly on the construction site, regardless of weather conditions.

Suitable connections performed by our staff – designed at the stage of production and made during assembly – give our customers confidence that their order was completed according to specifications.