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Wegner proudly supports the Santa of Business campaign


Scope of work:

Santa of Business is the second edition of the Głos Wielkopolski campaign, organized in cooperation with the "Tak Po Prostu" Foundation to Help Children. The project aims to make the children from the orphanage enjoy their free time during breaks from school.

Thanks to the support of on the part of the WEGNER company, children from Greater Poland's orphanages, will have the opportunity to go to Zakopane during the winter break. The organizers - they want children to be able to take full advantage of the charm of winter - throw snowballs, make a snowman, go skiing or snowboarding.

WEGNER was invited to participate in the event by Polska Press Grupa Poznań, with which it cooperates on a daily basis. Enchanted by the success of the first edition under the name "Dream Train", which enabled children to experience wonderful moments during a trip to a summer sports camp at the seaside, we could not do anything other than "attach their sleds" to the sleigh rides of partners who supported the next edition of the event. We hope that the winter camp, which will be organized thanks to this, will bring a lot of joy and smile.

Józef Walczak’s exhibition at the Folwark Edwardowo Gallery


Scope of work:

We are pleased to invite you to the last art exhibition this year as part of the Edwardw Folwark project. In Mikołajki, you will be able to commune with the works of the outstanding Poznań painter - Józef Walczak.

Briefly about the artist:

Józef Walczak was born in 1946 in Poznań. In 1973 he began studying at the Painting Department of the State College of Fine Arts in Poznań. Interestingly - he only got to university the second time. The first time he was not accepted and gave up thinking about studying for the next 5 years. During this time he worked as a therapist at the Institute of Orthopedics in Poznań, practiced acrobatics, joined the Mountaineering Club. In 1973 he passed the studies with the first deposit, but ... it turned out that he exceeded the age limit for candidates for artists (27 years) by two months. The Ministry had to give special permission to be admitted to the PWSSP students.

In 1977 he obtained a diploma in painting in the studio of prof. Stanisław Teisseyre and began working as an assistant in the painting studio of prof. Tadeusz Brzozowski. Four years later he became an assistant in the studio of prof. Jacek Waltoś. Then he continued his scientific work at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he obtained further scientific titles, and in 2000 he received the title of full professor at the University of Arts in Poznań (formerly the Academy of Fine Arts), where he still runs the Painting Studio.

In addition to painting, climbing is his greatest passion. In 1975, he passed the very difficult, north-eastern wall of the Monk in the Tatras, two years later he took part in the expedition to the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan. In the 80s he participated in sports expeditions to the Himalayas as part of the Poznań Mountaineering Club. This trip later resulted in a series of paintings "Travel".

In 2003, he won the prestigious "Award of Excellence" at the 46th Annual International Awards Exhibition in San Diego, California. In addition, he became the first artist from Poland to show his paintings at El Centro Cultural in Tijuana, Mexico.

His works can be admired in galleries and private collections in the country and abroad, among others:

National Museum in Poznań
National Museum in Krakow
Museum of Contemporary Art in Koszalin, branch of the National Museum in Szczecin
National Museum in Prague
Museum of the Silesian Land in Katowice
Ministry of Culture and Art in Warsaw
Arsenal City Gallery in Poznań
Museum Of Contemporary Art - La Jolla in San Diego (USA)
Kubus Galerie - Hannover (Germany)
San Antonio Abad Hall in Las Palmas (Spain)
Dmochowski Galleries in Paris (France)
Les Ateliers in Paris (France)
T&T Galleries in Nuremberg (Germany)
Iguana Gallery in San Francisco (USA)
Galerie d’Art International - Contemporary Art Gallery in Solana Beach (USA)

The exhibition will take place on 06.12 (Friday) at Galeria Folwark Edwardowo at ul. Bukowska 177 in Poznań, starting at 19:00.

Completion of the implementation and official opening of the WORD in Łódź


Scope of work:

We are pleased to announce the next investment implemented by WEGNER - the construction of the new headquarters of the Provincial Road Traffic Center in Łódź.

From foundations, to external installations and equipment - several months of work, tens of tons of steel, hundreds of cubic meters of concrete, over 100 square meters of foundation blocks, thousands of square meters of concrete blocks, half a thousand square meters of ceramic tiles ... all this contributed to the implementation of the investment under name: Construction of the new headquarters of the Provincial Road Traffic Center in Łódź, at ul. Nowy Józefów 52/54, plot no. 126/2 and 126/3, precinct P-39, under the "design and build" procedure.

The investment included the construction of the WORD headquarters in Łódź together with the basic training and examination infrastructure on the property located in Łódź at ul. Nowy Józefów 52/54. The new complex consists of two main parts:

Office building with above-ground parking - A two-storey office building with a cubature of approximately 10,000 m3, usable area of ​​approximately 960 m2, within which a public area has been separated, a zone for trainees and training participants, an administrative and social zone for employees.
Examination and maneuvering area for candidates for driving licenses in the categories A, AM, A1, A2, B, B1, B + E, C, C1, C1 + E, C + E, D, D1, D1 + E , D + E, T - On the square next to the building there are parking spaces for test cars, stands for performing main maneuvers for category B vehicles and a stand for starting on a hill (so-called hill). Part of the maneuvering area designated for the "A" category includes a long track for quickly avoiding obstacles and additional spaces for the remaining exam maneuvers. The concept assumes that the hill for category B candidates will also be used by motorcyclists and the maneuvering yard for the "heavy" category, with two sets of tasks for categories "C", D, "B + E", "C + E", " D + E "," T "."

The ceremonial opening of the investment took place on October 28, 2019 in the presence of distinguished guests, including the Marshal of the Lodz Voivodship - Mr Grzegorz Schreiber, the Deputy Marshal of the Voivodship - Mr Piotr Adamczyk, the Director of the Infrastructure Department of the Marshal's Office - Mr Grzegorz Jastrzębowski and the Director of the Provincial Road Traffic Center - Piotr Romek . The solemnity of the event was additionally strengthened by the fact that before the investment was completed, the Provincial Road Traffic Center in Łódź was the only one in Poland that did not have its own seat (two facilities were previously rented).

We thank the investor for their trust and cooperation at the investment implementation stage. Good luck to all who take the exams!

Kindergarten in Mała Nieszawka with the Interior Award for the Medal of Pomerania and Kujawy 2019


Scope of work:

On October 25, 2019, at the Conference Room In March 1981 of the Bydgoszcz-Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodship Office in Bydgoszcz, ceremonial celebrations of Construction Day took place.

The ceremony was attended by many distinguished guests, among others Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivode Mikołaj Bogdanowicz, Voivodship Marshal Zbigniew Ostrowski, MPs: Ewa Kozanecka, Piotr Król and Jan Szopiński, Deputy Mayor of Bydgoszcz Mirosław Kozłowicz,

This year's Construction Day celebrations were combined with the results of the competitions 'Construction for the Medal of Pomerania and Kuyavia 2019' and 'Interior of the Year of Pomerania and Kuyavia 2019' organized by the Pomeranian-Kuyavian Chamber of Construction.

We are proud to announce that the winners of prestigious competitions also included the WEGNER company, which won the Grand Prix Award in the "Interior of the Year of Pomerania and Kujawy 2019" competition in the category "Interior in new buildings / public interior / education". The capital of the competition decided to grant WEGNER sp.z o.o. sp. k. are prestigious awards for the interior of the kindergarten in Mała Nieszawka.

As a reminder - the investment carried out by WEGNER included the construction of a 6-ward kindergarten with a food center and allowed to create 150 new places for preschoolers. Construction of the facility took just over 6 months, and as a result of its completion, the municipality created the largest number of new preschool places in this type of facilities in the Bydgoszcz and Toruń counties.

The jury of the competition emphasized not only the very fast pace of work on the project, but also the high quality of the building and its interior in a relatively short time, as well as the importance of the building for the local community.

The Technical School Complex in Grodzisk officially opened


Scope of work:

September 2 with the participation of many distinguished guests - including Senator Jan Filip Libicki, MP Killion Munyam, President of the Wegner Company Mr. Bartosz Golis - a new building of the Technical School Complex named after Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski in Grodzisk Wielkopolski. The investment cost almost PLN 11 million. The building is located at Nowy Świat Street, next to the already existing Practical Training Center.

The newly built facility will provide the school with an additional area of ​​over three thousand square meters. The building will have both didactic and practical - workshop functions. Moving elevators with access control installed in the building makes it easier to move between two erected floors. Photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roof of the building, which will supply the school with electricity.

The building includes, among others: car workshop, mechanical workshop, mechatronic workshop, PLC workshop, electronics workshop - electromechanics, CAD / CAM workshop, hotel workshop, animal production workshop, plant production workshop, two computer labs and classrooms - including assembly hall - dividing into four regular classrooms by means of movable walls

As the viewers of the newly opened investment have underlined, it is a modern, well-equipped building, tailored to the expectations of both teachers and students.

Completion of construction of municipal facilities in Gniezno


Scope of work:

The Wegner company has completed another Gniezno investment. The city of Gniezno commissioned work on the construction of municipal facilities at Cymsa Street. The design, using the natural terrain, adapted the land difference and enabled the creation of impressive entrances to the garage parts.

For residential buildings at Cymsa st. consists of a senior block - equipped with a trolley, a drying room and a common room as well as a communal and social block - with a boiler room, commercial and service premises, a bicycle room and a drying room. Both buildings have underground garage floors. The senior building houses 26 flats, 46 communal and social flats. Flats located on the upper floors have loggias, one-story houses are decorated with windows in the form of wallets.

The investment project also included the development of the area surrounding the facilities. The effect of this recording is the implementation of a playground lined with polyurethane to increase safety. The recreational part is completed by fitness equipment and a covered gazebo - intended for community use.

Nearly 18,000 are waiting for future tenants square meters of space - we hope that it will give them as much joy as we are proud when commissioning the investment.

We are building a hospice


Scope of work:

Wegner has signed a contract for the preparation of project documentation and construction of a hospice for the needs of palliative care for chronically and terminally ill patients in Toruń.

This is another investment implemented by Wegner in the 'design and build' formula. In addition to erecting a new facility, Wegner will also carry out work in the palace "White Court", intended for the provincial care center for families affected by the need for palliative care for chronically and terminally ill patients.

According to the assumptions, the hospice buildings will be the focal point of the Palliative Care Center in the Toruń region - a system providing both stationary care for terminally ill patients and support for the families of such people. Training facilities for volunteers, which are an extremely important link in the palliative fight, are also to operate here. They are often invaluable, caring and administrative help for families of patients in the terminal stage.

The new facility will be located within the park of "Biały Dwór", and the main assumption behind its construction is to maximize patient comfort and create the best conditions to care for them.

New wing of the school in Paterk


Scope of work:

The official opening of the school building, implemented for the Nakło commune in 2017-2019, is behind us. The ceremony was attended by, among others Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister - Łukasz Schreiber and Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivode Mikołaj Bogdanowicz. Participants of the inauguration were greeted by the slogan above the entrance: "It is not enough to cross the threshold, you have to go deeper", which is a quote from the patron of the school - Holy Father John Paul II.

Voivode Bogdanowicz emphasized that thanks go to Minister Schreiber, who contributed to the support given by the prime minister. "This is an important moment for the Nakło commune and poviat. When other local governments decide to liquidate schools, the situation is different here - a magnificent building with government support was built, ”pointed out the voivode.

The newly created part of the building houses five classrooms and four classrooms, adapted to the needs of the youngest users of the facility - preschoolers. They were allocated the ground floor area, the upper floors are occupied by students from grades IV-VIII and I-III respectively.

The investment also involved the extension of technical rooms - the school was enriched with equipped offices and offices, sanitary, kitchen and back-up rooms.

The building has been adapted to the needs of the disabled, and existing corridors have been widened and provide a recreational area for children.

Wojciech Idzikowski’s exhibition has appeared in Edwardowo Folwark’s Gallery


Scope of work:

With great pleasure, we once again host an outstanding artist within the walls of Edwardowo Manor. Today we will have the opportunity to admire the exhibition of 40 paintings by Wojciech Idzikowski.

The creator is a graduate of the State College of Fine Arts in Poznań (currently the University of Arts). His artistic interests revolve around painting, photography and drawing, which is strongly visible in the works themselves.

The artist's large-format paintings are characterized not only by saturated colors that contrast with large areas of muffled, muted color spots, but also experiments with perspective or clearly emphasized texture - the most interesting, however, is what breaks through the layers of paint and color.

A Poznań-based author of international renown has exhibited 40 of his works in Folwark.

TOP BUILDER 2019 award for the general contracting of the GOSiR Hall in Gniezno


Scope of work:

Wegner was honored with the title of TOP Builder 2019 for the general contracting of the Sports and Entertainment Hall in Gniezno.

Top Builder is one of the most valued awards on the Polish construction market. The jury awards the TOP Builder statuette of the highest quality products, construction solutions and projects in which modern architectural, construction, material and technological solutions have been used, as well as IT products used in architecture and construction.

The TOP Builder title and statuette also rewards financial services and products as well as projects, initiatives, programs and projects dedicated to the construction industry. The award gala took place at the headquarters of the Association of Polish Architects in Warsaw.

This year's edition was the 11th edition of the plebiscite. Wegner - received a distinction in the "General Investment Contractor" category - for the construction of the Sports and Entertainment Hall GOSiR. This year, awards for Public Investors were also given out for the first time - in this case the Gniezno Sports and Recreation Center was also awarded, which is not only the main user of the Hall, but was also the Investor of the said facility.

PKOB Wegner is a partner of the beginning “City lives with design” campaign


Scope of work:

As part of the Arena Design fair - the 11th edition of the fair for designers and design producers will take place 10 Design days full of design - City lives Design. PKOB Wegner is pleased to be a project partner.

The City of Living Design event has been accompanied by ARENA DESIGN for three years, an initiative of the Poznań International Fair addressed to exhibitors, market guests and residents of Poznań and the surrounding area.

On March 8-17, he will be in urban space again. This year galleries, showrooms and places promoting good design have been invited to participate in the project. When choosing partners, the organizers drew attention to, among others for these places to be designed by renowned architects or to offer products and services of known brands. The program of the project will include, among others, an exhibition of Karl Lagerfeld photographs, a discussion with the Poznań collector Barbie or workshops on VR art.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the project offer on the organizer's website:

The PKOB Wegner company once again among the Forbes Diamonds


Scope of work:

PKOB Wegner has been awarded the prestigious Forbes Diamonds 2019 ranking.

Forbes Diamonds 2019 is one of the most recognizable company rankings. Every year, Forbes publishes a list of Polish companies developed in cooperation with the Bisnode Polska Institute, examining them in terms of development dynamics, taking into account such criteria as the financial result or the co-operation risk ratio.

In 2019, PKOB Wegner ranked 17th in the regional ranking of the Wielkopolska Region. In the nationwide ranking, the company took the high 139th place.

About how the Company once again went to the prestigious Forbes Diamonds ranking, but also about visions of this closer and further future can be read in the article published by Forbes Online, which will also be published in the printed supplement to the monthly - Diamonds Forbes 2019: https: //

Works of Teresa Simińska-Usarewicz will be hosted in Folwark Edwardowo


Scope of work:

Today at the Folwark Edwardowo you will be able to see the paintings of Teresa Siemińska-Usarewicz - a 94-year-old artist associated with Poznań.

The work of Teresa Simińska-Usarewicz is a borderline between realism and appearance, objectivity and abstraction. In her paintings, Teresa focuses her attention especially on issues related to color and light. Alasiveness of forms is a very important feature of the painting of Teresa, who claims that the most important image of life is still ahead.

Teresa Simińska-Usarewicz graduated in 1950 at the then State Higher School of Visual Arts in Poznań in the studio of prof. Stanisław Szczepański. Her work was related to with Poznan galleries Bazart, Studio Design 5 and OW-ART. The artist's works have been shown at many individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and in the world. They could be seen, among others in galleries in Germany and the Netherlands.

Puls Biznesu once again awarded PKOB Wegner the title of Business Gazelle


Scope of work:

PKOB Wegner was once again honored with the title of Business Gazelle and included in the elite group of companies recording the most dynamic development in Poland.

The Gazelles of Business Ranking is a ranking of the most dynamically developing small and medium companies. The first edition of the Business Gazelles ranking took place in 2000. Gazelle is a small or medium-sized company that, thanks to its extremely dynamic development, is doing well even among much larger competitors. (source: PKOB Wegner is pleased to be once again honored and included in the group of Polish Companies which after verification of financial data have been awarded the title of Business Gazelle.

The ranking is created to distinguish entities that, regardless of the economic situation from year to year, record a dynamic increase in financial results. It also aims to promote companies whose business activities are characterized by honesty and transparency.

It is worth mentioning here that PKOB Wegner in the last edition of the ranking was awarded by the Puls Biznesu publishing house with the title of Super Business Gazelle.

Builder Awards 2018 for PKOB Wegner


Scope of work:

Today during the Gala Builder Awards, PKOB Wegner was awarded the title of Construction Company of the Year, and the President Bartosz Golis the title Personality of the Year 2018 Construction Industry.

During this year's Gala Builder Awards, prestigious awards were given - Construction Company of the Year, Personality of the Industry, Laura Builder and statuettes of Polish Hercules. They are aimed at selecting outstanding companies and people operating on the Polish construction market and disseminating good practices and business relations in the construction industry.

President Bartosz Golis was honored with the title of Personality of the Industry, granted for the activity, effectiveness and accuracy of decisions that have a key impact on the achievements of PKOB Wegner.

The jury of the competition also appreciated PKOB Wegner for successfully completed large investments for the public sector as well as for the continuous dynamic development of the company in the past year.

Builder Awards 2018 for PKOB Wegner


Scope of work:

W dniu dzisiejszym podczas Gali Builder Awards PKOB Wegner została wyróżniona tytułem Budowlana Firma Roku, a Prezes Bartosz Golis tytułem Osobowość Roku 2018 Branży Budownictwo.

W trakcie tegorocznej Gali Builder Awards rozdano prestiżowe nagrody - Budowlana Firma Roku, Osobowość Branży, Laury Buildera oraz statuetki Polski Herkules. Mają one na celu wyłonienie wyróżniających się firm i osób działających na polskim rynku budowlanym oraz upowszechniania dobrych praktyk i relacji biznesowych w branży budowlanej.

Prezesa Bartosza Golisa uhonorowano tytułem Osobowość Branży, przyznawanym za aktywność, skuteczność oraz trafność decyzji mających kluczowy wpływ na osiągnięcia PKOB Wegner.

Kapituła konkursu doceniła również Spółkę PKOB Wegner za ukończone z sukcesem duże inwestycje dla sektora publicznego a także za nieprzerwany dynamiczny rozwój Spółki w minionym roku.

PKOB Wegner supports the 3rd Grand Prix of the OSiR Runs in Trzemeszno


Scope of work:

PKOB Wegner is pleased to once again support the organization of the Grand Prix Biegów.

The goal of the event is to promote a healthy lifestyle, and to popularize running as the simplest form of physical activity. As part of the Grand Prix, the XVII Winter Run of 3 Lakes will take place, the XXVIII National Polish Race. Jan Kiliński and IV Summer Run of 3 Lakes. The medals that are given to each participant at the end of the individual cycle runs form a whole - this year they form the shape of the Trzemeszno Commune.

The Winter Route, which will take place on 09/02/2019 - is located in a picturesque area of the forest complex of the Gołąbki Forest District and, as the name of the event suggests, runs around three lakes: Przedwieśnia, Wieśniate and Łomno. The total length of the route is 15 km.

The Institute of European Business awarded prizes for the best enterprises in 2018


Scope of work:

PKOB Wegner extremely distinguished by the Institute of European Business in the 13th edition of the Business Cheetahs Competition 2018, in the Eighth Edition of the Effective Competition 2018, in the 11th edition of the Brylanty Polskiej Gospodarki Competition 2018 and in the 6th edition of the Strong Trustworthy Program.

The Institute of European Business established on December 12, 2005 in Warsaw, thoroughly analyzes the financial results of Polish companies, based on information provided by commercial intelligence companies, which obtain reliable financial data of enterprises from the National Court Register. According to the obtained data, IEB creates the ranking of the most valuable companies in Poland and gives them honorable titles. During these 13 years, the results of 80,000 enterprises operating in our country delved deeper.

Thus, since 2006, all companies in which the average of the dynamics of profit and revenue is higher than 10%, he considers as Business Cheetahs. Efficiency, on the other hand, has been analyzing since 2008, according to the ratio of net profit to net income in 2015-2016, with an average of at least 5%. gives the title of an Effective Company.

Companies that simultaneously achieved both titles, the Institute of European Business qualifies from 2013 for the Promotion Program - Strong Firm Trustworthy Strong Company.

In 2008, the Institute also created the ranking of the most valuable companies in Poland, whose market value is, according to its estimates, more than PLN 10 million, defining it with the brand - Brylanty Polskiej Gospodarki.

In January 2019, the Institute of European Business in accordance with the adopted process, as every year examined the financial results of Polish companies operating in the construction industry. After researching 51 thousand twin companies, the jury distinguished companies that meet the requirements of dynamics, and moreover, guided by the business ethics, giving delicious titles for 2018.

The Wegner company was honored four times. For dynamic development (average dynamics of net income and profits in 2015-2016 in our case amounted to 23.8%) and efficiency (average net profit to revenues in 2015-2016 reached 10.4%) - giving the title of Business Cheetahs 2018 and Effective Company 2018 and Firm Trustworthy Company 2018. On the other hand, the market value estimated in March 2017, allowed to recognize it as one of the most valuable Polish economy, granting the title - Brylanty Polskiej Gospodarki 2018.

Just like the Trustworthy Trustworthy Company statuette, whose main element is the joined hands of employees and business partners, creating a strong link in the economy, PKOB Wegner strives to significantly contribute to the intensification of development by promoting the native economy.

Quoting the words of the President of PKOB Wegner, Mr. Bartosz Golis ... "Behind each of our successes are employees of the Company at all levels. The awards are always rewarding, but the greatest achievement of PKOB Wegner is not so much the effect of our joint work, but the fact that we were able to do this hard work together - we accept these distinctions as another motivation for collective action for our common good.

Construction of the School for the Municipality of Nakło completed before the planned date.


Scope of work:

PKOB Wegner successfully completes the implementation of the investment three months before the planned date.

The new wing of the school built by PKOB Wegner houses classrooms for preschoolers, fully equipped classes, teacher's offices and functional kitchen. Modernized communication spaces are recreational areas for children. The completed investment is fully adapted to use by people with disabilities.

PKOB Wegner will build an OR block for the University Hospital in Bydgoszcz


Scope of work:

Today, an agreement was signed for the implementation of the Investment for University Hospital No. 1 for dr. A. Jurasza in Bydgoszcz.

The scope of the investment includes the execution of construction works consisting in the reconstruction of existing facilities, the reorganization of space and the expansion of the facility. Its scope also includes a comprehensive supply of medical equipment and equipment along with room equipment as part of the project: "Improvement of medical services in the province. kuyavian-pomerian. by putting into service the rebuilt rooms of the former operating block and the retrofitting of the reorganized cardiology clinic and diagnostic laboratories of the University Hospital No. 1 for them dr. A. Jurasza in Bydgoszcz ".

PKOB Wegner as the general contractor for the Concordia Hub building on Słodowa Island in Wrocław


Scope of work:

The company PKOB Wegner in consortium with the company Demiurg will realize on the Słodowa Island in Wrocław an investment consisting in the revitalization of the existing tenement house and its expansion.

On November 30, 2018, a contract was signed for the implementation of the second stage of construction works involving reconstruction and extension of the tenement house complex with an annex located in Wrocław for the needs of the Business Park along with the Entrepreneurship Incubator for the ICT industry. The extension under this investment is the only building on Słodowa Island that survived the Second World War.

A sport hall in Piła, designed by mind of Young Artists


Scope of work:

Today we announced the results of the art competition organized by PKOB Wegner for students of Primary School No. 6. Polish pilots in Piła.

The number of participants and the creativity of the work exceeded all expectations and created a huge challenge for the jury of the competition. Among the works there were original techniques using secondary raw materials as well as traditional ones - made with crayons or painted with a brush. Among the works there were also presenting rooms with a very interesting architectural shape, promising that we have future adepts of architecture among the participants. Three winners were selected from among the participants, who were given attractive prizes. PKOB Wegner also thanks all the other contestants, congratulating the exceptional talent and imagination.

PKOB Wegner will design and build the Wielkopolska Design Center


Scope of work:

Today, a contract for the "design and build" project was signed in the Wielkopolska Design Center.

The offer of the consortium of PKOB Wegner and Demiurg as a result of the tender conducted by Pro Design was chosen as the most advantageous, so the Consortium will design and build the Wielkopolska Design Center located in Poznań at Bukowska Street. It will be a office-service facility. It will be an element of an innovative and comprehensive infrastructure for the incubation of enterprises in the area of the Regional Intelligent Specialization "Interiors of the Future". In this four-storey building you will find, among others The Rapid Prototyping Zone, the Living Laboratory Zone, and the Enterprise Incubation Zone. The assumptions of the project provide for creating in the building not only a friendly office space, but also an educational and working space.

The company PKOB Wegner awarded the title of Fair Play Enterprise 2018


Scope of work:

PKOB Wegner was awarded the Business Fair Play 2018 certificate

After a positive two-stage verification of documents and the facts, PKOB Wegner was awarded with the Business Fair Play 2018 certificate. This means that it has passed an audit checking the Company's implementation of the objectives and objectives of the Fair Play Enterprise program.

The idea of ​​the program is to encourage all companies in Poland to behave ethically and introduce appropriate changes, not only in the internal organization of work, but also to shape positive relationships with the local community and care for the natural environment.

PKOB Wegner particularly values ​​the goals set by the Fair Play Enterprise program, which are very important in the Company's prosperity on the market. These are primarily: promotion of ethics and fair conduct of entrepreneurs with all partners - from contractors, to the local community, supporting other enterprises that are guided by the same values, improving the image of Polish companies and promoting them as reliable and trustworthy.

Metaphysical exhibition of Andrzej Okińczyc at Folwark Edwardowo


Scope of work:

On Friday, November 16, the inauguration of Galeria Folwark Edwardowo will take place, which is being built on the site of the historic Edwardów Farmstead. Folwark, is one of the best preserved manor house complexes on the map of Poznań, but also the place where PKOB Wegner is currently running its core business.

PKOB Wegner is a great pleasure patron of the Folwark Edwardowo project that is being created in this historic environment. This project provides for the creation of a space for free creative creation, combining design, craftsmanship, culture and art. It is a space for meetings, discussions, exchange of experiences, but also a place where you can admire art in full splendor.

The first opportunity to explore the world of art will take place on November 16 during the official inauguration of the project. Andrzej Okińczyc - contemporary Polish painter of portraits, creator of three-dimensional monumental paintings and a valued author of exhibition arrangements of contemporary and old art, who currently creates objects from the borderline of bas-relief and painting - will show his works.

White and Red colors of Economic patriotism


Scope of work:

As part of the celebration of the centenary of Poland's regaining independence, PKOB Wegner took part in the Builder publishing project. The project aimed to show what economic patriotism is for Polish companies.

The President of PKOB Wegner - Mr. Bartosz Golis told in the Builder what contemporary economic patriotism is for him. - "It is making conscious decisions for the sake of our common good." It is consciousness manifested in the conviction that with our everyday decisions we can have a significant positive impact on the Polish economy, on the condition of Polish enterprises and on the labor market. from our conviction that our domestic products or services do not meet quality standards, it should be borne in mind that the funds spent on Polish products and services remain within our domestic economy (...) We strive to PKOB Wegner demonstrate the attitude of this social cooperation, inviting mainly Polish local companies for which there is no foreign capital. Companies that, just like ours, were formed only by the hard work of people who create them. "- can be read in the latest November issue Builder.

PKZ Wegner told the journalist of Builder, Vice-President of the Management Board, Mr. Dariusz Kaczmarek - "We are a company based solely on Polish capital. We are proud to prove that in Poland solid work can be dynamically developed. PKOB Wegner operates on We create dozens of jobs PKOB Wegner is a company built on a solid foundation, which is fundamental to work, family and honesty. (...) We want to shape our activities as a result of our activities. a safe public space around us. "

We are very pleased that the editorial staff of Builder noticed the contribution of PKOB Wegner not only in building public space, but also in Polish potential in the 100-year history of the independence of the Republic of Poland

Ceremonial opening of the Sports Hall in Szamotuły


Scope of work:

Today, the new Sports Hall at the School Complex No. 1 was opened. Fr.. Piotr Skarga in Szamotuły. A modern sports facility was called "Szamotulanka".

The sports hall with dimensions of 44x30 m built by PKOB Wegner is a multifunctional facility. Thanks to the grating curtains, you can play three volleyball or two basketball games at the same time, but also football or handball, or do light athletics. Complex facility with a school liaison, which accommodated locker rooms, toilets, a room for trainers and a warehouse for sports equipment. The building was also equipped by PKOB Wegner - apart from the gating curtains, it also has portable grandstands, from which the audience can observe sports struggles. It is fully adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

PKOB Wegner wins the Grand Prix in the competition “Construction for the medal of Pomerania and Kuyavia 2018”


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The jury of the competition "Construction for the Medal of Pomerania and Kujawy" for the twenty-first time awarded the Grand Prix statuettes for the best construction of the region. The award ceremony was held in the  and Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship Office building.

Deputy Governor Józef Ramlau said that he enjoyed the successes of the construction industry in the region, but also the dead barriers that construction is facing. - Construction is a field that involves other fields. Construction is perceived by economists as a kind of economic barometer - said the voivode Józef Ramlau, and added that the industry does not fully use the central location of our region in the country.

The nomination and the GrandPrix statuette during the gala competition ceremony were received on behalf of the Company by the Vice President of the PKOB Wegner Management Board - Mr. Dariusz Kaczmarek. - We are very proud of the fact that the "Construction for Medal" chapter has once again honored one of our projects. This makes the  region of Kuyavian-Pomeranian voivodeship more and more closer to us, and the awareness that our work is appreciated here gives us even more motivation for further implementations in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian region - said the Vice President during the gala.

PKOB Wegner is a partner of the 4th international scientific conference Oxygenalia 2018


Scope of work:

Once again, PKOB Wegner is a partner of the event organized by the Jędrzej Śniadecki, Karol Olszewski and Zygmunt Wróblewski - Oxygenalia Scientific Conference.

The International Oxygenalia Conference is organized every two years by the Association of Jędrzej Śniadecki, Karol Olszewski and Zygmunt Wróblewski under the patronage of the Rectors of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan, the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Vilnius University in Vilnius, Medical University in Poznan. The aim of the conference is to draw attention to the key role of oxygen and its chemical compounds in natural sciences, medicine and very widely understood industry.

Oxygenalia 2018 is an interdisciplinary scientific event honored with the participation of eminent and internationally recognized scientists whose scientific achievements show the directions of research and change the nature of modern science and medicine. This year, this important event in the scientific arena of Europe will take place on 11-13 October in Vilnius.

The 4th Conference is co-organized by the Lithuanian and Polish Academies of Sciences and the Polish Institute in Vilnius.

The leading motto of the Oxygenalia 2018 conference is "In the oxygen environment". This conference is an integral part of the international celebration project on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the birth of Jędrzej Śniadecki.

The Oxygenalia 2018 conference is dedicated to Jędrzej Śniadecki, who was one of the most versatile minds of the Polish Enlightenment and a professor of chemistry and medicine at the University of Vilnius.

PKOB Wegner is a partner of the 6th National Scientific Conference Hospital Construction


Scope of work:

Under the slogan "Pediatric departments as a challenge for investors" today was the sixth edition of the National Scientific and Technical Conference - Hospital Construction organized by the Wielkopolska Regional Chamber of Civil Engineers, which is once again supported by PKOB Wegner.

The conference is primarily aimed at educating engineering staff and exploring the problems encountered in the implementation of health care facilities. This year's topic was related to pediatric wards, the implementation of which is a huge challenge not only for investors, but also for contractors. The choice of conference theme was the result of consultations with representatives of medical, construction and architectural circles. The programme's assumption of the Conference was to present a view on this topic by representatives of the medical world, and then information of civil engineers and architects on the technical solutions of the presented issues. During the conference, lectures were delivered by specialists from medical, nursing, pharmaceutical, architects and construction engineers in many industries.

The conference was held under the patronage of the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region Marek Woźniak and the rector of the Medical University prof. dr hab. Andrzej Tykarski and Poznan University of Technology prof. dr hab. Eng. Tomasz Łodygowski.