We will expand the school in Dębnica - contract with Kłecko Commune has been signed - WEGNER generalny wykonawca

Today, the vice president of the board of PKOB WEGNER, Mr. Bartosz Golis in the Commune Headquaters in Kłecko, signed a contract for the development of another educational institution.

The basic part of the extension is a sports room with facilities. The link between the sports hall and the existing school building will house additional classrooms and general-purpose rooms that will improve the quality of education and stay at school. After completing all the works, the school's transportation system will change, planned from the north of the school. The designed connector will be added to the school perpendicularly, on the extension of the corridor in the existing building. In the coupler, four additional classrooms have been designed with cabinets - back rooms, enabling the use of rooms as laboratories (physics, chemistry, biology, computers, etc.). The object, according to the technical documentation and the building permit, is to be completed in 2018.