Metaphysical exhibition of Andrzej Okińczyc at Folwark Edwardowo - WEGNER generalny wykonawca

On Friday, November 16, the inauguration of Galeria Folwark Edwardowo will take place, which is being built on the site of the historic Edwardów Farmstead. Folwark, is one of the best preserved manor house complexes on the map of Poznań, but also the place where PKOB Wegner is currently running its core business.

PKOB Wegner is a great pleasure patron of the Folwark Edwardowo project that is being created in this historic environment. This project provides for the creation of a space for free creative creation, combining design, craftsmanship, culture and art. It is a space for meetings, discussions, exchange of experiences, but also a place where you can admire art in full splendor.

The first opportunity to explore the world of art will take place on November 16 during the official inauguration of the project. Andrzej Okińczyc - contemporary Polish painter of portraits, creator of three-dimensional monumental paintings and a valued author of exhibition arrangements of contemporary and old art, who currently creates objects from the borderline of bas-relief and painting - will show his works.