The company PKOB Wegner awarded the title of Fair Play Enterprise 2018 - WEGNER generalny wykonawca

PKOB Wegner was awarded the Business Fair Play 2018 certificate

After a positive two-stage verification of documents and the facts, PKOB Wegner was awarded with the Business Fair Play 2018 certificate. This means that it has passed an audit checking the Company's implementation of the objectives and objectives of the Fair Play Enterprise program.

The idea of ​​the program is to encourage all companies in Poland to behave ethically and introduce appropriate changes, not only in the internal organization of work, but also to shape positive relationships with the local community and care for the natural environment.

PKOB Wegner particularly values ​​the goals set by the Fair Play Enterprise program, which are very important in the Company's prosperity on the market. These are primarily: promotion of ethics and fair conduct of entrepreneurs with all partners - from contractors, to the local community, supporting other enterprises that are guided by the same values, improving the image of Polish companies and promoting them as reliable and trustworthy.